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Windows are a lasting investment in the beauty, functionality and energy efficiency of your home, but with so many brands, types and options to choose from, how can you be sure you’re making the right choice? At St. Croix Energy Solutions, we select windows based on some simple criteria – born out of our commitment to provide you with excellent performance at a great value. See our latest Window Brochure for more information.

Richlin Windows

St. Croix Energy Solutions Inc is proud to offer the full line of Richlin Windows in both insulated vinyl and real wood options. Built on a 50 year tradition of excellent thermal performance and flawless operation, and proudly made in Hayfield, Minnesota, Richlin Windows add beauty, value, and energy efficiency to any home - old or new! More information on Richlin is available here.

Rock Solid Warranty 

We stand behind every window we install, and are at your service for all of your window needs. You benefit from our industry-leading Lifetime warranty on parts and construction – giving you peace of mind for as long as you own the home. And because your warranty is transferrable, you can pass along that peace of mind to the next homeowner, too.

Not all window installers are created equal!

After testing thousands of homes with depressurization equipment and infrared imaging, we have confirmed what many homeowners fear: that their new, replacement windows continue to be drafty and leaky due to shoddy, corner cutting installation practices.

Unlike the competition, we’ve made it our standard practice to offer true, complete window replacement. We removing the old window framing entirely, allowing access to every nook and cranny in the rough opening for complete air sealing and insulation using low-expansion foam and silicone caulking. Going the extra mile to ensure an air tight installation has fringe benefits as well, bringing with it new, now-maintenance extension jambs and casing trim, and a much larger glass surface and viewing area when compared to inserts.

Why Replace?

There are many reasons to replace old, inefficient poorly-operating windows. Diagnosing what’s best for you home and your budget starts with a complete inspection.

  • Poor Installation, Insulation and Weatherization –  We’re quick to blame windows unfairly for the drafts that we feel; often, it is the installation of those windows that is to blame. Sometimes, the solution to a drafty window is a matter of removing trim, foam sealing, and caulking around your existing window units.

  • Inefficient, Old, or Damaged Windows - single pane glass windows are notorious for being cold, frosty, and drafty – and are usually top priorities for replacement. But even double pane windows can fail – losing the seal between panes and acting more like a single pane window. Infrared scanning can help determine whether your double-paned windows are sealed properly.

  • Poor Operation, Seals and Hardware – latches, crank mechanisms, and weather stripping are usually the first things to fail on a window. When selecting new windows, look for sturdy hardware, redundant weather stripping and seals, and of course, detailed installation for years of smooth operation.

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Deb F., Hudson, WI

St Croix Energy Solutions did the insulation on our small remodel job. They arrived to the minute of when they said. They used 3 different types of insulation to maximize each situation. The crew was fast and courteous. They cleaned up very nicely and made sure the foam was not going to be an issue with the new sheet rock. Our 1st energy audit blower door was over 2800 (what ever that means) The final audit blower door was around 2000. Now we can't wait to get our 1st winter heat bill to see how much money we are saving. Who knew a heat bill could be exciting!?!