Are you considering building a new home? Make sure it’s high-performance!

St. Croix Energy Solutions is your local expert to help ensure your new home will operate properly and efficiently. We’ll work closely with you during the planning and construction process, as well as conduct diagnostic tests to see how your Twin Cities area home is performing.

SCES New Construction Testing Process

Evaluate Your Construction Plans

After you provide us with a set of plans for your construction project, we will conduct a thorough analysis using a software simulation program called REM/Rate. This program allows us to see how the home will measure up to the national averages for home energy use, targeted to same location you plan to build. This lets us foresee any bumps in the road. The process exposes any possible design and material issues that could hinder the performance of the home.

Pre-Insulation Site Visit

Just prior to insulation installation and air sealing, an SCES consultant will meet you on-site to discuss the installation strategy, as well as possible issues with the building envelope.

Post-Insulation Site Visit

An SCES consultant will meet you on-site again once your insulation installation and air sealing are complete. In this visit, we’ll examine the job and identify any issues or concerns. If we see anything, we’ll work with you to come up with a viable solution.

Final Inspection & Diagnostic Test

After the home is complete and all building components are functioning, we’ll visit to do a final walkthrough of the home. One of our consultants will test the home’s air infiltration rate, examine the ventilation system, and scan the home for any air leakage using a blower door, balometer, and infrared camera.

We’ll Help You Save

SCES is proud to serve as a third-party advisor for programs like Focus on Energy New Homes and the federal ENERGY STAR, which provide incentives and rebates to homeowners with energy efficient homes. Our team will work with you to make sure your new construction plans and building ventures align with the program’s efficiency requirements so you qualify for these great incentives.

Our team is at the ready to help you make smart choices during your new construction project. Contact us today to learn more!

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Nichole H., Hudson, WI

St. Croix Energy Solutions recently came to our house for a home energy assessment. The staff while scheduling the appointment, the staff that came out and taught us about home energy, the staff explaining the rebate offers and the team that came out to perform the work were all kind, patient, organized and energized about their work~ no matter which role they played.

My husband and I had certain concerns, but Pete shared more tips on how to improve our home to make it more energy efficient. He walked through the whole house showing us areas that needed updating, gave us informative packets and gave us time to think and ask questions. The staff was prompt at r... (read more)