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Community Service

Focused on Service

Our team at SCES is committed to improving the energy efficiency of lower income homes.  We have participated in various weatherization programs to ensure these homes are comfortable year-round. Our team also provided efficiency upgrades to underserved homes as part of Focus on Energy’s Mobile Home Pilot Program. We take pride in knowing that our services truly made a difference in these homeowners’ lives and the functioning of their homes.

Giving Back

As a privately operated company, SCES has been able to contribute to numerous charities and participate in various fundraising events, including:

  • Community Engagement: SCES is a member of “POWERful Choices!,” a project focused on engaging and educating the community to help saving money through energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable resource development

  • Continuing Education: Wisconsin Indian Technical College (WITC) asked us to help oversee the development of a new program for students interested in becoming Residential Energy Auditors

  • Charitable Building: We are part of Habitat for Humanity’s building committee in Wild Rivers, where we try to stay as involved as possible in contributing our services to benefit local communities

  • Compassion for the Abused: We participated in the “Hot Air Affair Charity” event benefiting Turningpoint in River Falls, WI

  • Love for Animals: Our team attended the “Blast from the Past Dance” for St. Croix Animal Friends in Hudson, WI and “Walk for Paws” in Menomonie, WI

Our team at SCES cares deeply about giving back, and aims to make a difference not only in the lives of individual home and business owners, but to make a difference for a sustainable future. We look forward to these opportunities to serve, and want to ensure that our efforts make a positive impact on the community around us, both present and future.

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